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Reduce Administrative Headaches,
Shift Potential Liability

COBRA/HIPAA Benefit Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) of 1986 is a complex law with unique administrative challenges for employers. Severe penalties for non-compliance place employers at risk if they are unable to manage the administrative process in accordance with ever-changing COBRA regulations.

CONEXIS provides the most comprehensive and robust COBRA administration solution in the industry, eliminating the hassle and risk and allowing clients to focus resources on their business core competencies. The CONEXIS Web site provides 24-hour access to critical COBRA information for participants and employers, including electronic eligibility reporting, qualifying event updates, billing and collection, and robust reporting capabilities. All online information is within a compliant, fully protected, and technologically advanced environment.

Why Outsource COBRA/HIPAA Administration?

Control claims costs - Outsourcing COBRA administration to CONEXIS reduces employer’s health care costs by limiting COBRA claims. Claims costs for COBRA continuants are typically 150% greater than the cost for active employees, and on average costs employers more than $7,500 in COBRA claim-related costs. (Source: Spencer and Associates)
  • Through stringent and compliant election, payment, and cancellation screening processes, CONEXIS ensures only eligible participants are able to elect COBRA and remain on your plan. This results in minimized elections and reduced duration on COBRA, reducing claims costs.

No One is More Dedicated to Helping You Meet Your Compliance Goals - COBRA employer laws are complex and penalties for noncompliance are steep. Liabilities include ERISA penalties (up to $110 per employee per day) and IRS penalties (up to $200 per day with dependents). CONEXIS assumes this liability for you.
  • CONEXIS offers the most comprehensive employer protection in the industry. CONEXIS accepts responsibility and indemnifies clients for all direct, monetary, and compensatory damages (including penalties, ineligible claims, and associated fees) should we fail to provide compliant services in accordance with our agreement

COBRA Administration:

  • Qualifying Event Submission — Report qualifying events in seconds online, instead of days via mail
  • COBRA Initial Rights Notices Submission — Accelerate the process of notifying newly covered employees and their families
  • Qualified Beneficiary Takeover Submission —Transfer your existing participants to CONEXIS COBRA administrative services as soon as you set up your account
  • Online Reporting — View your entire account history online, in real time, including participant detail
  • Client Web Site Training Guide — Learn how to best use our innovative system
  • COBRA Administration Guide — Find the answers to any questions you might have concerning COBRA administrative processes or procedures
  • Online Resource Center — Review federal guidelines; learn about the latest IRS rulings and DOL opinions and research current issues and court cases

HIPAA Administration:

  • Initial Rights Communications
  • Certificates of Creditable Coverage, via U.S. Postal Service confirmed mailing service, including COBRA coverage periods
  • Track, maintain and report activities for audit support
  • Prepare a tailored “address needed” communication requesting employee to notify employer of accurate address
  • Provide a duplicate Certificate of Coverage upon request up to 24 months from the loss of coverage
  • Track and respond to HIPAA inquiries
  • Bilingual customer support to assist participants
  • Prepare Past HIPAA Certificates of Coverage for employees and eligible dependents losing coverage
  • Prepare and distribute open enrollment, rate and carrier change communication for active employees and eligible dependents

For Participants:

  • Online Elections — Our secure online election process is protected by assigning a unique username and password, and is automated so beneficiaries can immediately use the Web site
  • View Account History — Beneficiaries can access their entire account in real time and view elections, payments and plan history
  • FAQs — Beneficiaries can access an assortment of common questions related to COBRA
  • Payments — Beneficiaries can mail monthly COBRA payments or have premiums automatically paid through convenient ACH deductions